Business Development Committee (BDC)

Our mission is to introduce and promote Youth Enhancement Services, Inc. (YES, Inc.) to members of the business community.


  • Provide support to YES and demonstrate active involvement in identifying prospective corporate donors by making personal calls and facilitating meetings between potential supporters and YES executive staff members.
  • Host BDC meetings to recruit potential members to assist with Committee’s fundraising objectives.
  • Educate the community about the accomplishments of YES programs and  provide insight and ideas to strengthen the efforts at YES.
  • Identify occupational opportunities for YES program participants.
  • Review and recommend BDC objectives for the Board of Directors’ consideration.


  • A minimum  one-year participation commitment.
  • An annual funding commitment of at least $500.00.
  • Attend bi-annual meetings hosted by a BDC member.
  • Identification of a minimum of 3 BDC members (annually).

Materials Provided:

  • YES one page marketing synopsis                       
  • YES quarterly newsletter
  • Quarterly Performance Reports (QPR)
  • BDC Power Point Presentation


  • Access to a network of business professionals in varying industries across metro-Atlanta.
  • An assurance and satisfaction that you are part of a dynamic community partnership formed to impact at-risk youth and their families.
  • An educated and skilled workforce for your business and our communities with individuals equipped with a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility, and the skills necessary to compete in a global economy.