12 Point Partnership Campaign

Youth Enhancement Services “12-POINT PARTNERSHIP” Campaign is designed to be an all-inclusive community effort!  A donation of $12 a month may seem slight to some. Yet, it will have such a far-reaching impact.  $12 can and will make a difference in the lives of at-promise children and youth by providing comprehensive programs and services.  Let’s consider the possibilities! $12 x $12 x $12 x $12 x…will make way for miracle after miracle.  Become a part of that miracle and join our Campaign today! Just remember, When we change a child, we change a community.  When we change a community, we change society.  When we change society, we change the world.  Will you help change our world?

Can we count on your help today? 

$12 monthly donation and 12 annual volunteer hours for 12 months
and recruit 12 partners to do same.

Partner with the most recruits (minimum 120 recruits) in a 90-day period will have
a scholarship named in their honor or in honor of their designee
and awarded to a YES graduate at our Annual Gala.