Our core programs

GED & Academic Tutorials

YES provides GED tutorial programs for at-risk youth and high school dropouts. Our program participants are between ages 16-24. YES’ partners with Fulton County Libraries and other community organizations to provide accessible community based programming. We currently operate two GED site locations. YES practices individualized assessment and lesson planning. All GED classes provide a specialized, interactive and productive classroom environment by maintaining an instructor to student ratio of no more than 1:7. Each program participant is given a curriculum guide detailing their 3, 6, or 9 month graduation plan. To provide additional academic support, YES offers study hall twice a week.

Program participants receive transportation assistance, nutritional support as well as the opportunity to have official GED testing fees covered by YES.

New Student Orientation


YES Empowerment

All program participants are required to participate in YES Empowerment when attending GED classes. YES Empowerment exposes program participants to positive cultural and community activities. This is essential to nurturing more empowered and motivated GED graduates, who are equipped with the skills and experiences to positively impact our community. The program components include:

Character Development and Life Skills: This component of Empowerment is centered around classes and activities to enhance a program participant's understanding of who they are and who they want to become. When building a bridge between goals and achievement, there are resources, skills, planning and most importantly confidence, needed to promote success. Signature activities include Goal Positioning System (GPS), Self-Inventory Checklist, Communicating to Solutions and self-expression through Collage of Self.

YES! I FEEL SO GOOD! is the cornerstone of the YES Empowerment health initiative aimed to improve the mental, physical, and social health of program participants and their families. YES! I FEEL SO GOOD! empowers program participants to understand the importance of healthy relationships, physical exercise, diet and nutrition, health screening, preventative care and positive stress relieving activities. YES has quarterly events where program participants are able to engage with health professionals and each other to expand their knowledge and experience of healthy and active lifestyles.

Community Impact: Strong communities are built by strong individuals. As we empower our program participants to map out their individual goals, we also have them identify issues, successes, strategies and stakeholders to improve their communities. Each month, GED students are required to complete one Community Impact project they have identified to address a need in their locale. Community Impact includes park beautification, voter registration drives and other service-learning activities.

Cultural Enrichment: This component of Empowerment is driven by the theme, " Positive exposure saves lives." All program participants are offered classroom and external activities that are designed to be informative and/or expressive cultural enrichment. Signature activities include our Poetry Slam, YES Debate, YES Jeopardy, YES College Campus Day, Music and Art Appreciation and Museum Tours.

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Post-Secondary Options

Post-secondary enrollment (PSO) is a very important program for YES graduates. In today's global economy and challenging economic times, we must encourage and facilitate our students' pursuit of more than a GED. YES' partners with Atlanta colleges and universities to assist graduates with college tours, financial aid applications, college registration, course selection and study skills. To help students map out an individualized post-secondary enrollment plan, YES has office hours on Mondays thru Thursdays from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm by appointment only.

If program participants are not ready to enroll in a post-secondary institution, YES also promotes apprenticeships, extern/internships and workforce entry as a viable option for GED graduates.

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Workforce Readiness – 3-6-9 WorkReady

YES program participants are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to become a productive and informed employee. It is important to be prepared to enter the workforce and also to understand the organizational structure, leadership opportunities and financial management needed to promote stability and success. Workforce Readiness offers all program participants the opportunity to attend seminars on resume building, interview skills, workplace etiquette and financial literacy.

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