Partner with YES! Community Stakeholders’ Alliance (CSA)

We would like for you to partner with Youth Enhancement Services (YES) as a community stakeholder supporting YES initiatives in offering deserving children, youth and families in our community a second chance for a better future through YES 3-6-9 Work Ready! ™ Empowerment, Education and Training Programs. Encourage your company to join YES Community Stakeholders’ Alliance (CSA).


A committed group of community stakeholders coming together around a common theme – to address out-of-school youth populations (ages 16-24) and positively impact outcomes in Targeted Dropout Intensive Areas (TDIA)


To introduce and promote Youth Enhancement Services YES 3-6-9 Work Ready! ™ and celebrate twenty-five (25) years of empowerment programs and services to the community.


  • Potential - Georgia Employer GED Tax Credit Act of 2015 (HB 63).
  • Access to a network of business professionals and community leaders across Metro Atlanta working together to offer young people a second chance to complete their secondary education (GED) and enroll at local technical/2-year colleges, in apprenticeships, and/or intern/externships programs.
  • An assurance and satisfaction that you are part of a dynamic community alliance formed to positively impact our out-of-school youth populations.
  • An educated and skilled workforce for your business and our communities.  Individuals equipped with a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility and accountability as well as the skills necessary to compete in a global economy.


  • A minimum 12 month CSA participation commitment.
  • An annual minimum CSA funding commitment of $250.00.
  • Serve as mentor to a minimum of one youth participating in YES programs.
  • Participation in at least one YES event
  • Attend bi-annual planning meetings (2 per year) hosted by a CSA member (meetings June and December).
  • Identification of a minimum of three (3) new CSA members (annually).


$30,000.00 – Site Partner – Fund an entire site with 10 students for one academic year. Your company’s name, logo and marketing materials will be included on all YES’ events and website. Special invitations to all YES sponsored events and two VIP tables at galas celebrating 26 years of service to the community.

$15,000.00 - Site Partner – Identify and match another community stakeholder’s pledge to fund an entire site for one academic year.  Your company’s name, logo and marketing materials will be included on all YES’ events and website.  Special invitations to all YES-sponsored events and one VIP table at YES’ galas celebrating 26 years of service to the community. 

$5,000.00YES Student Sponsor – Fund one student’s programs and services for an entire academic year.  Your company’s name and logo will be included on YES’ events and website.

$2,500.00 -YES Student Sponsor – Fund 6 months of one student’s program support. 

$1,000.00 –YES Student Sponsor – Sponsor transportation and GED testing costs for one student’s academic year.

$500.00 – Program Support Sponsor – Assist with supplies and snacks.

$250.00 – Program Support Sponsor – Fund an Empowerment event.